I have a guest !!!

It was about  3 :00 pm ,  My nephew , niece and my little girl rushed up stairs to my temporary studio ( my work desk : ) ) ..as soon as they were home from  school ,, shouting ..come quick !! we found  something !!..To my amazement i  saw a small quitter ..a baby squirrel lying by the front porch !!..it looked as if it was not able to move..  I picked it up and it seemed dazed and shocked , it didn’t even try to run  !..we took it in and in no time all of us  got out  our old guinea pig’s den ready .. and placed the little one  who was by now  out of shock  and scampering to hide among the coconut fiber and the  piece of soft cotton clot we had placed .  Now when i think about it ..

15022012127 copyI am sure it has its own  story to tell ..  I mean  where did it  come from ? How did it get to our front porch  ,  why didn’t it run  away  .. so far it  seems healthy .. no bruises or  anything , each  one of  us had out assumptions , may be a crow picked it up from its nest and dropped it  ? may be skelly our cat  chased it to  the front porch ?  it seems a bit friendly , seems to  me and this is my assumption that it was some ones pet and a crow must have picked it up from  somewhere and dropped it own its way  to god knows where ..and thats why it seemed totally dazed and in shock the it was not moving about .  The little quitter seem fine now ..  but we still have to  wait.. its not taking any off at the moment , I tired many things from grapes , banana, nuts , almonds ,  even cooked rice !!! .. well I guess we will have to wait and see ..


Baby squirrel starts to feed 🙂 – Next post 

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  1. yeah .. was not easy letting it go …but that was best for all

  2. So tiny..so innocent….so cute…

  3. Nice good luck with it ! Good shots

  4. good photos . I like it very much

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