The little baby squirrel’s back story is finally revealed !!..When I went up stairs to  feed it , I noticed a big Squirrel by the  window next to the cage ( my old Guinea Pig cage) , At once me and my daughter knew .. ok  this is one of the parents … I  take it its the mother ..As the window had netting on it the  mother could not  get inside , we turned the cage around and let it  face the window with the cage door  open and with the netting opened .. but the mother seemed reluctant to  come in . So we decided to leave the cage in the open terrace and see what  happens … after a while ..the mother came had great reunion , was a blessing to watch them both . The little one clamped on to it mothers belly and both scampered off in to the trees .

So now the back  story is  almost clear ,  it must have  fallen out is its  nest , and we picked it up , probably the mother was somewhere near by  ,  but lucky we saw it 1st and not our cat skelly  Funny for a young one who never have been in touch with humans, it sure was friendly ,  I can only  imagine the  joy the bigger squirrel must have had .. any way  its where its supposed to be ..I am  glad ..well  I  did mention that I had a Guest 🙂 and now its left ..wonder if I will ever see it again ?