DARK ART : (To make the most out of a bad situation…)

Recently I had bad fall  from my two wheeler , luckily I had only a few bruises on  my skin ,Even  Though it’s  not much but  its one of those skin bruises that’s annoyingly burns and pains , especially when you are trying to sleep !!!.. initially I was pretty silly mad at what had  happened.. but then I thought there are other ways to deal with this ..and  as it  is  I can’t sleep at night, I keep knocking my arm here and there on the bed’s sides ( I pretty much toss and turn a lot in my sleep : ) !!)……so  I decided to do ART!!!

Please excuse the graphic blood & bruise pictures (the references )   ..but with out which I sure would not have explored this creative side of life ,

The bottom line is we run into situations in our lives that sometimes we can’t do much  about ..so the best thing to do is try to make the most of it !!!  hey after all  “C’est la vie “- right ?  🙂   —-Until next time 

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  1. 1st thing…where were you seeing while driving?? coz eewwww…that bruise looks baddd and
    ouch ouch!!! , must have hurt baddd huh!!!

    but should say….Amazing art Ritz!!! with your art and words…

  2. Excellent Creativity !!!!!!!

  3. super creative bro..:) its a new style of art. i like it..:) PAINTOOL

  4. There are no accidents!!!:)

  5. Paining Creativity!.. Liked it! Don’t misunderstand.. I mean the art 😉

  6. Daddy0o0o Would ya take it easy on the DRINKING & DRIVING!!
    AHH ha ha

    OK What you really need is to grow your leg hair Longer and afro it out so that Mr Pain is One Hairy Pain with Funk!
    I hope you did it in photo shop and not with sheetals makeup!
    Look up Stepford wife for Like me this is what we Both need Brother for Being “UP” Late @ night!

    Uh HUH!


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