Aug ….Eid special !!

Dee…wanted to go to her cousins…for the weekend ,but could not as her cousin was not at home , she was feeling pretty down about it ….and started wail and cry over it , how she had made plans to play games ,have fun and now it did not work out !!!…I told her either she can  sit and cry about it or she could come for a movie ( at home !!!) with me and her mum As expected!   .. “oh !..a movie at home !!!?” “we are going to go for  a movie in our own house ??!!”..but how ???. Told her that we’d go out get some pop corns and juice and watch a movie in our living room on my laptop ! and we’ll  make tickets for the movie !! ..she was thrilled !!!…( heheheh )

So we went out but sadly we didn’t get any ACT II  pop corns .from the store ( we wanted to make them at home rather than get them already made ) .so we decided on  soupy noodles !!!! ( her fav) …and my wife decided to make mint orange juice !!!..

that evening after watching the movie , I asked how her day had been , she said she loved it ! , I asked her if her crying and wailing would have made her feel any  better ?  Dee looked at me with a deep expression and threw her arms around me and I could feel hot tears rolling down her cheeks on to my  shoulders , tears of self realization and joy ! as I brought her around to look at me , she started to smile again , 🙂 , now that’s  a feeling a parent just can’t put enough words to describe 🙂

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