Setting the Flapped leg free

I like exotic pets…among many fav is turtles …I recently got a two flapped soft shelled turtles add to my 5 red sliders and 2 other indian hard shelled turtles . I wasn’t sure about this two new faces as they seemed really bruised up . Now I had the red sliders from a very young age only when they were about 4 inches along .  But these new guys well they came from the wild by a friend who knew I had a liking for turtles . I had them for a few days and then decided that its best set these two back to their natural place . For one thing they weren’t eating , second they seemed like they had rough ride ,  I don’t know  bruises and scratches , they needed to be back in their place unlike my red sliders who have been in tanks and now pretty much used to it .

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