20 minutes ..through a whole different world of experience

IMG_6315The scooter ( activa) ..that I used to use is sold off ..it had its run and dad ( all time consultant ) agreed that better to dispose of it . I didn’t realize that selling off the only transportation at my beckon call will make such a difference in the way I get to school ( where I presently work as a art facilitator ) . Its not that far when you think about it . So the day came when I got up in the morning , got ready for work and  realization hit “hang on how to I get there ?” Initial instinct was to get a rickshaw , a minute down the road from my home is the rickshaw stand . As I walked up to the gate I thought “Hmmm how about I try walking ..just for today , its only 7:30  I have the time  , I am early  –why not ?

It took 22 minutes to be exact ( my cousin lives next to the school ) so I walked all the way up to her IMG_6317house . Rested and that was it !  From that day on , I have been walking up both ways to and back , As contrary  as it may sound I had  more time on my hands than when I had the means of reaching there in  2 minutes on a scooter !!. Why because since I knew that I have to walk I always got out of the house early , morning routine became more planned . Apart from this , I had more time to actually think about a lot of things on the way . I am not the only one walking as I noticed there are school children , old people , workers , and many more . Each person that passes by makes me think about the different walks of life that person comes from , his visions , thoughts , happy and troubled moments  … , it also feels good to smile or give good morning nod  or hello  nod to the persons you see every day  as we pass by each other, some nod back, some smile back  , some just passes by lost in their own thoughts . There is this one particular school boy ( from a different school ) who smiles back all the time  . Next time I should stop and talk to him .

Apart from the people I noticed so many things in that route which I didn’t take notice before  .  there is  small  swimming pool ( is not common here )  at a house , One house has parrot that can talk ! .. another house has a tree filled with bats like something out of a horror movie ,


And another thing is the light , wind and smell .. how the sun rays bounce and change on every turn . Flock of birds , little streams ..  ..to think I never noticed these  before  whizzing past all this on the scooter in 2 minutes   , to me the walk is like a  door that opened to a whole new world of thoughts,visions and experience   all in a matter of 20 minutes !!


I am not against the two wheeler and I know once I get a new one ..it will not be easy for me to avoid using it ( not that I don’t mind using it trust me there has been times when I needed one badly ) but till then – I want to cherish the 20 minutes .

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  1. When I was younger, I was crazy enough to walk from my home to Nasih’s home….. That’s almost 3 km…..

  2. Why not compromise and cycle to work? Thank you for the lovely glimpse of your world 🙂

    • Planned to it still rains on and off and besides my cycle needs to be serviced –just waiting for the rains to stop 🙂 – Thanks for likes and for the suggestion – ur welcome ! 🙂

    • wow ! ..its been a long time ..( a very long time ) …

      “Why not compromise and cycle to work? Thank you for the lovely glimpse of your world :-)”

      Re: actually I did get a motorcycle after a year …but looks like I just might take to cycling and funny how thinking about it I hit up on this past comment you made at the same time 🙂 … thanks for the suggestion .. sorry my reply is this late 🙂

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