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Wash-Sticky-Dishes-Step-5Two days back at lunch break .While I was washing up after lunch ,I saw a new  non teaching staff wash his plate in the sink next to mine . I smiled inside at this man’s effort to clean up his own plate after lunch , as the school does not require us to wash our own plates but to clear the waste and  soiled plates properly into a basin . I even thought ” what I nice example would this person be setting for the students too ” He glanced over and I told him that ” it’s good that you’re doing this but it’s not really necessary”  . To which he said ,” Oh NO ! .. I am not washing up after I ate ! , I am washing up before i eat –  I just don’t trust these kinda places !! ” . To my surprise it seemed he had OCD !! coz he just wouldn’t stop with it  😛

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