Sunday morning , was in the mood for some cooking and photography , So decided combine both ! . Here is my version of making an Omelette in a saucepan , I call it Pan Omelette !

Step 1 : Having fun with the Eggs

Are you going to crack us up ??

Honestly I did feel bad for them once the eyes were drawn in , Amazing how personifying things can make you get all emotional – but I guess hunger took over my emotions and the pleading eyes were wiped off .

Step 2 : Contrast of black , yellow and white ..nice recipe for a good fine art photography


Step 3 : Beaten up ( those egg eyes  are haunting me now ) 08-IMG_6995

Step 4: Seasoning 03-IMG_6998

Step 5:Oiling the Pan


Step 6: Into the Pan


Step 7:  Close it with the lid and let it cook on low flame

Step 8:  After about 10 – 15 Minutes –


Step 9 : Preparing the bread and honey


Step 10 : Pan Omelette with Honey spotted Bread on the side 04-IMG_7013

Step 11 : last but not the least , Bread sides dipped in Honey