I am Back ….

Ok I am back , that was some 14 days of new experience !! . Having travelled up and down many at times with the past 2 years , I would say this was the time when I had a totally different experience altogether . It had a lot to do with a different attitude I had mustered up but more so ever there was blessing in disguise at work , I wish potts was here to share all this with , but one day and still hoping .  I usually stay at a nice hotel  , but this time I choose to share in with my batch mates Biju and Bennett at much cost effective place 😉  . the best part was I was able to meet some nice local folks , Saw life through the eyes of many ,  felt more connected to the city more than just looking at it through the eyes of a tourist . Kannada is off the charts for me but thank God for Hindi / urdu ( which everyone seemed to speak )  SOURCEFrom the papers in theory to night practical assignments ,  and  looking for  ants of different kinds to zoo animals in captivity  It was some experience .Some how I wished it never ended , I learned a lot not just photography ( still learning ) , but to the point I finally got over my dislike of MS WORD !!! , had to learn the workings of the software  for preparing my Dissertation !!! .. can’t believe I actually made a book !! more over   can’t believe 2 yrs of MFA just zipped past us . I guess somethings are only missed when they are gone .

Well its time to get back on track and lots of photos to sort out .

Categories: changes, city, experience, Karnataka, MFA, Mysore, Photo mag, thoughts

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