Weekend coming to an end

Ah .. the much awaited weekend is coming to an end , I had been longing for the second saturday as its a day off , other saturdays we have to work , Had soo much planned , was not able to execute all but most of it , but now its finally over another week of work , don’t get me wrong I do enjoy working but , after being on the road last week for practicals and assignment and then getting back , into the routine of work – there were just too many things to back on track with . And with a few things off the list its finally here  – sunday night !! .  What happened this weekend well


Groceries done – finally got the Rice pack I was looking for . There was these used notebooks of my nephew and niece , with a lot fresh  pages 20150711_174136on the inside .So decided to work on making a spiral book . pulled out and cut up the pages then took it to the local binder .


The person over there was multitasker , He did the book , while on the phone with potential and regular customers . Also was typing away on the PC .

Was at my cousin for ifthar – that was nice ..

and now to hit the bed …. good night Sunday …

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