Please can you delete that thought from your head ? –Thank you !

An Veteran once told me  Memories are like fire ” It can warm you up and also leave you hurt if touched ” as a young man in my 20s then never really got it at that time , fast forward some more  years , now in my late 30’s I am starting to see what he meant .

Its interesting how we all keep those thoughts and memories alive , the happy ones in the front and bad ones at the back .

Has anyone ever been successful in trying to forget something consciously ?


You have a thought , it’s created ,  now try to forget or delete or remove that thought that was  initially there , like it never was there in your head /mind , try to do it consciously and it most probably never goes away , but leave it unchecked , not thought about , stuff more other thoughts over that one .. and it slowly fades away . Like energy – they say  can neither be created nor destroyed . A thought can be created but it can’t be destroyed . Even if you forget it , it’s just forgotten, not wiped clean – unless you bang you head somewhere and get amnesia off course !!  even then chances are you may get it back with the next bang !

Certain times a thought can just vanish in the blink of an eye .I experienced this when I looked at the question paper , for my recent  exams …suddenly there was nothing in my head ..where did all the answers go ???!!! 😀 , only to come back when we discuss the question paper after the exams!! )  Now where was all my answers hidden 😛 ???

So can we delete a thought in our head ?..still pondering …. I still can’t get this  thought out my head !!  🙂

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  1. You can delete a thought. But you have to consciously decide what other experiences associated with that thought you are willing to omit as well. Its kinda like a book, of you skip (delete a thought) a few chapter, you wont get the full picture.
    It one thing that many people stuggle with. Its like most mourning (or depression), one needs to decide to not let it consume you!
    I have battled with depression most of my life, and have choosen to not allow it to take over my life and consume my every thought. Although its a struggle to battle those demons, one needs to say to themselves and take action… “yeah life sucks right now, but I will not allow it to suck me into death”. There are and WILL always be better days then today! But you have to choose and stand by your choices. Take a stand!

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