The Sun will Rise …..

IMG_3720Today, after the morning prayers , the preacher asked my about my family , I was quick change the topic to evade the question . Still finding it hard to come to terms with the losses over the recent years .

After listening to the friday sermon today , I thought about  a whole lot of things that had gone by in the past  ,  Closing my eyes I took stroll from the last few years to now , Sat there , thinking and contemplating , reflecting about life , the road its been on and the road its taking  Was nice to sit quietly for sometime and meditate on all things and feelings  around . As I sat there ,  the preacher who had talked to me in the morning came up and soon  we were in  a conversation . From him I came to know about his family , and  in the most short and very few words , I could see where he was coming from and how he has been battling his losses . I felt kinda embarrassed about the way  I evaded his question earlier  and how awkward that might have been for him . I continued to contemplate about the world around me .and .I realized

All that’s happened , whether I have a say in it or not

—has happened !

Thank you for all those who stood by me and thank you for all those who have not

—this helps me to differentiate who my real well wishers are .

Thank you for all those experiences that I have had – both good and bad

—it only helped me to find out more about me, my wrongs and my rights

 —and how strong I am  , how strong I need to be

I realized that there is better world out there , away from the all the negativity and sarcasm

— I just need to built it from my end and the rest will follow .

The sun always rises, whether is it among the clouds or behind a glass window pane

—I just need to open my eyes to see it .

For all the things that might have gone wrong in the past

—there is still hope for the future

Thank you for everything .

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  1. Best wishes for your future. I am sure you will find peace.

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