A month’s post and learning lessons…

It’s been almost a month from my last post here , Aug has most definitely been busy and silent at the same time. for mostly it’s was the activities and work at school where I teach,  during the last month it’s been a highlight of learning lessons ,and much has happened since then and in between.

The integrated learning residential  camp inauguration was a blast …. yes we launched balloons that flew high and let our hopes soar,…the school had held a 3 day residential camp of 22 students from the grades 8 and 9. On the launch day there was something else also that was a blast !! .. and I mean blast in the most embarrassing  way, during the ceremony, a senior staff (Mrs.V* ) came up to me, and literally blasted( shouted) at me, about not training the students  to deliver their speeches properly for the inauguration .I had a sudden blood rush, felt uneasy (off course!!!) . It happened so fast , but to me everything moved in slow motion , with certain perons eyes fixed on me , felt pale , and all I could do was look away. I agree  I was part of the  integrated learning team but training the students for speech delivery was not my role in the team . Besides we had planned to let the students assess themselves and to check how far they are with such programs ( I know ,  I should have said that  to her in the 1st place ) but when it happened all of a sudden my brain shut. my il learningAdding to my embarrassment it was in front of the parents and students , not to mention in front of certain people who you just don’t  like ( lets face it , yes  there are those who are just waiting for an opportunity to see you get screwed 😛 )

After a while when I got color back some on my cheeks again. I thought about, letting her  know how improper and bad that was. Through out 1st few sessions I found myself not being able to mingle or talk freely, though I made an effort to be normal and not think about the incident , I surely couldn’t get over it the incident was bothering me. I decided to tell her how I felt and how better it could have been handled.Next day  I happen to walk up to her while she (Mrs.V* ) was in conversation with another student .

The Student : ” Ma’am , when Mrs.H* was upset and raising her voice , why didn’t you say anything ?”

Mrs* V : When a people are angry  , they will not realize anything you tell them . Its better to keep silent and soon or later  they will realize .

I was like  ” yeah look who’s talking !! but the more I thought about it  , it slowly started to sink in , In fact  me being quiet earlier was according to her ( now ) the right thing to do . At times we all blow off at someone  for various reasons  , and at times the receiving end person  need not always be the deserving one or the cause of our agitation , but having a mind to contain your reaction , may be respond to it but not react to it , makes the silence worthwhile. True my emotions kicked in that made me go mum . But it wouldn’t have gotten any better ,  if I too had let myself blow .

As my animation mentor once said:

” One’s emotional reaction can kick off another one’s emotional reaction a degree higher and soon we have a chain reaction of emotional reactions !!!   “

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  1. Absolutely! I love this great quote from Murakami, hope it helps: ” When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about” 🙂

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