Freak accident !!! , and life calls to teach more lessons

Well… I have been thinking of   getting back into illustrations and art, not just for school but for me and most probably reopen my art blog again along my interest in scrap art.

Flashback : The school was to close for a week long state festival of ‘Onam’. I planned out the 7 days to do some scrap art, it’s been a long time since I’ve been neglecting that side of my creativity. So all set with the necessary stuff , gloves, face visor, dust masks, electric cutter [ The electric cutter being a new add on  to my collection – which I had bought the same morning  ]. I set out to work, for the beginning part  worked on a pencil  holder  to be mounted on wall next to the light box, small candle lanterns out of soda cans. There was this piece of wood which I wanted to turn into a key holder. So after lunch I set out with my  tools  on the terrace ( my tinkering shop 🙂 ). Half way down into the project.The cutter got jammed in the wood and kicked back in the opposite direction and before I knew it,the worst had happened.

Well I  guess the comic strip below  would give a fairly good idea about  what happened.

I thought about the whole incident later while lying at the recovery ICU room , Flashes of my thumb hanging by a bit of flesh , kept haunting me , I knew I had to do something to get over that , So the comic strip ” The Cutter Matter ” , now going through the strip  so far has helped me come to terms with the whole incident,and at times the pain,  Since the incident , there has been  many new learning lessons of which I shall share as the days come by and also will be working on the rest of the comic strip pages in the coming days.

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  1. It looks really painful! I hope your finger will be fine soon (: Your story telling is great! Keep it up.

  2. Your comic strips are so so so good! Keep on doing them!

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