…it’s the thought that counts…

Smiles , Get well soon cards or just  a simple ” How’s your …” helps recovery. Since yesterday its been exactly a month since my accident with the motorized blade , and I am recovering fast ! and why wouldn’t I when the little minds and hearts show that they care


Last week  Grade 4 Girls Noorain , Neha Riza and Sama handed me this really cute self made packs out of note book paper  each holding a pen , I thanked them and asked what it was for,they said , “its a gift for you sir  to make you happy 🙂 ..something like a get well soon gift !”:) . It was really touching and a bit of a surprise I opened them on getting home .

There was candy in one and simple notes saying get well soon, I thought to my self ,everything is quite simple for children , they don’t assume anything, they really practice the saying ” its the thought that counts ” .

Over the years I have had students hand me the most simplest of things from an eraser to a few scribbles of art, ( a master piece in their eyes ), on a tiny piece of paper folded  many  times to fit in their tiny pockets.  The following day the  4 girls came and asked me if I’d liked the gifts and notes , I replied “I did and felt happy receiving them ”  also appreciated them for the efforts they took and the thought behind it   , and then came my “real gift” , all 4 pairs of eyes slightly squinted with a wide big smile  on their face . That image stayed on with me while the girls left giggling and skipping in joy back to class .

The gleam of joy they give when you smile,accept , appreciate and acknowledge their efforts is more precious than the gift you receive.
Thank you Noorain , Neha, Riza and Sama of grade 4 for the real gift !!! 🙂
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  1. They are so adorable and kind, indeed, those are wonderful treats, showing that they care. Wishing you speedy recovery 🙂

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    A gift worth more than the actual gift !!

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