Introduction “Life Calls Art “

Rainbow forestThere is a sense of satisfaction , escapism.and just down right relaxation in art or any sort of creative expression .

Patchious Patch ( life series 1976)

Starting off my new Art Blog ” Life calls Art “ .Its a mix of many approaches with some stuff  from my old art  blog  and some  recent , Still adding on to it . I love to sketch,doodle on paper with pencil , but also love the freedom the digital medium gives, So mostly I start up with a paper and pencil , and then end in pixels 🙂 Drawing stuff out has always helped me unwind,get things off my chest, turn  pain in to, if not pleasure at least numbness 😛 , but for the most part of it – Why I Draw , Doodle , Paint or Create ?  the answer is  – ” I simply enjoy it !! ”  🙂 hope you enjoy my creations too .

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Thank you .

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