What would I call this day ?

With my thumb recovering pretty well , the sleepless nights have reduced . Though last night wasn’t all that of sound sleep , but did manage to get up  early enough , to sit with God, the universe and in a moment of silent meditation , in self reflection . The day  seemed nice , opened up the curtains , and let the sun shine through . warm glow filled the rooms in my apartment . On any other sunny normal day I would be outside with Mark-II , but I have been just glued on to the computer over the past few days and more . So on such sunny morning didn’t feel like sitting down and  sketching away on the wacom tab. So forced my self to move away , shut the system down . I thought I’d start off with some pending scrap art stuff,

So gave the 1st coat of paint on the tin can art , and the pen holder , which I was working on the morning before the accident ( now that I can move my thumb a bit 🙂  ) , had to  stop in between coz I couldn’t get the other paint bottles to open ( well my thumb isn’t there yet I guess  😛 ) , Then moved on to another Art work I had started months back on chart . I shall post the complete set once its done , but for now these are the work in progress ones below

popeyeHad lunch at a new restaurant with family , posted a few photographs on my blog , liked a few others , commented , wished and thanked other bloggers , Still didn’t feel like getting back to working with the computer so , went over to my uncles , wanted to start using the camera again but it rained  so didn’t  it take it , showed my lil cousin my new art blog , came back sat in front of the tele  till dinner , at my parents place . Then got back to my place. Now to hit the bed , I know its unusually early for me but I want to –  So there you have it  – my Sunday .   Hmmm . what do I call this kinda day ?

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