De- clutter

I read this post from Arpita’s world minimalism clothes , She had mentioned about a video of Marie Kondo’s . It was inspiring and a motivation to “de-clutter” my wardrobe


The clutter

All out

All out to be sorted and plied

Sorting piles

Sorting piles

Donate , Emotional , Trash, and Keep Piles

Donate , Emotional , Trash, and Keep Piles

Shirt sections - All out

Shirt sections – All out


Shirts – sorted

Sorted -Stored and De- Cluttered

Sorted -Stored and De- Cluttered

There were just too many stuff I kept thinking that I will use them some day , well that someday rarely comes by , I finally had the Assamese resident staff at school, come and take them.I still need to de clutter other things in at my home .Thanks Arpita for sharing – I finally got my wardrobe done 🙂

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  1. This is awesome! You have let go of so much! Good Job! 🙂

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