You ever been in  a crack …;like a your whole life is a wall and  suddenly there is this crack in which you get stuck in , but strangely  you are moving and doing a lot of things but going no where , ….Hmmmm, its just about time to hit bed but  where did I get stuck moving forward ?? Let me rewind the day from the start

#1 Morning started out great , spend sometime in prayers . had  a good breakfast ( normally its anything that I can get done in a minute or two ) ….but took time to dice up the tomatoes in smaller portions before adding to my egg 🙂 .

#2 Skipped  watched a cliche  movie (  aww soo predictable!! ) ..why did I even bother to watch !

#3 The Art fest is around the corner .. and need to get some things done

#4 Ohhh ,,almost for got , I have a interview to cover on Monday morning . Had to go to school to set up the back ground and lights for the shoot , in comes  my assistance , we both work together get the set up done in about 2 hours time

#5  While at school Art fest , the date things to plan , do .. many ideas , less time as always , any start to scout to see if I could use the junks at school to make an installation art …

#6 it almost lunch time and still figuring things out

#7 call up my cousin ( lives near by ) .. lunch at her place ?

#8 after prayers … head to her place , but looks like lunch will be late

#9 Late lunch but a real wonderful lunch , vegetable pulao and Geera Chicken curry !!  and waiting for the desert ( faluda! ) to set in …. I got to have the  recipe of the lunch  !

#10 Cousin showed some family pictures … felt a slight  silent pain from all the memories of having a family of my own – especially missing my kids

# 11 After noon prayers  , getting ready to head back home

#12 Opps.. for got to take down the recipe !! .. oh  also didn’t have the desert ! 😦

# 13 Try out a experiment involving white cement and broken pieces of glass .

#14 Experiment status : Failed ~! .. back to the old drawing board !

# 15 was online with my lil cousin .. dozed off in bed …..zzzzzzz

#16 WOKE up to dad’s call on cell .. talking about dinner plans and that everyone is ready to go and waiting  , jump out of bed .. its only 7  feeling crap of missing evening routine of talking with God .. and quickly getting ready .. rush over to my folks ..

#17 only to find out ….. no one expect dad is ready !!!

# 18 still sleepy .. waited around for every one to get ready for dinner . Cousins family came .. all jumped in the car .. .and vrooomm!

#19 Dinner place was packed !! ( sunday night family crowds ) .. waiting … waiting .. waiting ..

#20 Ah finally ..dinner table all set ..The waiter came to take our order

# 21 had a good dinner ..  talks , jokes , laughs and hidden yawns …( still sleepy not showing it )

# 22 Got back .. and thought about the whole day ,….

Did a lot of things today .. but ..what !! .. back to thoughts, art fest .. family …kids , my Sunday  ..thoughts revolving ..

.and what  have I done…. anything ?? .. time to get to bed !!  😛