Its been 3 months…..buzy B or Lazy B ?

BuzyBee Or LazyBumWell its been 3 months since I have been able to put down anything out here ,  I could put it in two words and more  or less that would be ” Busy Bee” . But it just might be a little more than those two words ,  ok  ” Lazy Bum ???!!!” … errr..  not quite !  ..ok  may be a bit 🙂 . But I have been away for most part of the days and the internet wasn’t readily available , so posting on a regular time just isn’t possible . I am on a break from teaching for the moment , under going some training in my former career  . It wasn’t until one of students put in private message asking about my absence basically from the world wide web , that I  realized its been sometime ( been really busy) , and off course also thanks to the many readers who have also private messaged me asking the same. It would take a while before I get back to regular posting .. but till then here is to all my friends / Readers …. I am still alive  and living ~~!!!  🙂

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