Where is my blog headed ???

A few days back I read a post from one  fellow blogger about  the blogs we start ,  their intention and where its heading , it got me thinking about my blog, I started this blog with an intention to  share creative expressions and experiences  about life , having gone through quite a series of emotional and physical turmoils in the past , my blog  took a slight deviation in expressing those pains and pangs in the posts  I made. Until  I got off the pity wagon and decided to make the change with in ,my path was paved with more positive out look  .

Today its not just to inspire others but make a positive creative inspiration , in the process share my thoughts, experiences and the lessons I have  learnt along the way ,I guess its all rolled in to one package . The inspiring part has a two way effect ,

you inspire and you  get inspired “.

This post is on the basis of one such inspiration . A post  about maintaining the core theme of  blog by missyjean at inspirationinfocus.wordpress.com, titled Journal evolution , inspired me to think about my blog and where is it headed ,

What’s more , the post Journal Evolution also inspired me to post the following few quick scribbles and sketches that I have the habit of making on my travel journal . Thanks for the inspiration missyjean !!!  🙂


more to come !!!…stay tuned……



Categories: Life Calls

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