Butter buns!!….and realisations

I recently had this very interesting and eye opening  experience at a local bakery .  Now me and my friend we are big fan of butter buns , they taste like regular doughnuts but look


Butter Buns

like   small round buns with sweet cream in between   .It was kinda late ( after dinner ) we  went to this local bakery saw that there was on only 2 left with the baker . we asked the baker to pack both and causally mentioning we’d have it in the morning . He frowned ,then smiled and said ” no .. it will not be fresh by morning and chances are it may spoil ” . Oh ok ! well,then we will take 2  to go  and just have it as  dessert  once we get back to my place   . He smiled and wrapped it up , at the counter I bought a few other things . Paid the money and left with the bakers carry bag with all our goodies in it . .

On the way back , My friend needed to stop at the Margin Free ( department store) to pick up some things  . Store rules are that you can’t bring in  any outside carry bags in to the store and  we had to leave ours  at the  bag counter. My friend  did his small shopping and we picked up our bakers bag , which seemed to have changed place from where we  had  left it .we  didn’t give it much thought , walked back home .


Walking Back

The walk back seemed long and bit tiring . Getting home late , my mind was on digging my teeth in to the butter bun ( off course I didn’t want it spoil by morning !!! 😛 ) .To our  dismay and surprise .. everything but the butter bun was in the baker’s bag , we traced the walk backwards in our  minds ,did it fall out,any holes in the carry bag?..I didn’t  understand I remember the baker wrapping it up .. !!   then we  went to the margin free ..  AH !OH .. no! .my friend shot out ” I remember the  bag had moved from where I had left it initially at the counter .. it must have fallen out ??.. err did some take it ?? ..


My Friend getting all worked up !! 🙂

Hmm there was this Shifty  looking guy next to the counter .could he ? why !! how could he ?? … I hope
he did not !!   did he ?  could he have ? …”   questions kept popping up ,  it was just too far to walk back and besides it was  late , they’d probably closed for the day,  consoling my self  with no sweet butter buns .


I was travelling the next morning  and my friend  got busy for the next couple of days  so we couldn’t find time to  head down there and say ” WE WANT MY BUTTER BUN BACK !!!  ” by then a week had passed and I had put the incident behind me  . On another stroll  I happened to go the same bakers and ordered another butter bun , I figured there is no point in bringing the lost one up .. as its been a week . So at the counter same routine picked up a few other things .. and paying the money  I noticed they forgot to bill the butter bun  !!  The guy  at the counter smiled and said ” Sir last time you were here with your friend , you guys forgot to take your butter bun .” He had wrapped  it but we had  left it at the counter and it seems he too didn’t  notice till I was long gone .

My realisation just hit the roof !! .. I remember how I 1st took the wrapped  buns in my hand and then while picking up other things I had left that besides the counter ,so when they put everything else in to the carry bag ,the butter bun  got left behind !! I thanked him and he was telling how bad he had felt for me  as he remembered that I had told him I really  liked butter buns .

Walking back  head down , I couldn’t help but think in  embarrassment, about last week, getting in to all sorts of conclusions and assumptions about the whole butter bun incident … even to the point of doubting one particular person at the margin free store !!!! .My thoughts were broken all of a sudden when I  looked up and saw the same shifty looking guy at the margin free store ,  as I walked passed I smiled at him still embarrassed,   he smiled back with  a little head nod .


It’s very easy to assume and jump into conclusions , Though we might not always voice it out or act on it  -at times it’s not very easy to contain our thoughts . One could say we are humans and we do make mistakes , others might say , hey ! well you didn’t say it ! you only thought about it .. but that’s the thing you were thinking it !!!

Is it right  to think certain things  as long as you don’t voice it out  or act it out even ? is it that we need to contain our thoughts also cause once you think it hey you are thinking it ~!! . How far can we stop assuming … and jumping in to conclusions ???


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