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I have always wanted to try out water colors, but for some reason always put it aside , It wasn’t until a post and a few comments that followed the post by missy jean at Inspiration in Focus that I decided to give it a shot ,  Well for starters I didn’t have water colors , so had to go and get one when I got back from my travel . Now I am not even sure if the  ones I got are actually water colors ( not water color tubes) , but it was the only thing available at that moment, I didn’t want loose that push to take it up and give it a go so .. went ahead with it here are some initial try outs , from my travel diary


painted in a sketch of the paddy fields – train journey

Though I started off with a paint and a brush , I wanted to see how it’d be like mixing a bit of wax crayons in to it


worked from reverse , threw in the colors 1st and then linned it out 🙂


Mixing of crayons and painted in my bike rides

thanks for inspiration , missyjean (Melissa) 🙂

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  1. Thanks , Hope things are well with you , how are the goats ?

  2. So awesome, Patch! I am just seeing this now, but I love it so much.

    The cheap watercolor set vs. the fancy (and more pricy!) tubes is an age old question, but I say use what you have. My travel set is pretty minimal and cheap. I like the idea to be able to create with what you have on hand.

    The view of the bike in the last sketch is fantastic! Perspective looking toward the rider and into the sun is s great. Did you do the watercolor first and then go over with crayon? It is so bight and vivid. I just might steal your technique 🙂

    Glad you were inspired by my post, and am so happy to see your journal. Keep at it, as we would all love to see it.

    • Thank you , I kinda did both , some I just water coloured some I went over it with crayons , a part of experimenting .. the trees ones I water coloured it 1st then outlined them out in black !! 🙂

      • Nice work. The effect is visually pleasing. I am using crayons a little bit now and smearing them to give that interesting
        waxy effect.

      • Nice 🙂 have you tried oil pastels …and then go over it with cotton wool , it gives a nice smooth texture .

      • Ohhhh…..I am soooo very intimidated with oil and oil pastels. In high school, I took an oil painting class, and it was so touch! I like how you can re-work watercolors, and was surprise at how much resistance I had to oil.

        Buuuuttt….I like to try new things! I might give it a try. Patch, I so love our creative exchange. You keep me on my toes! 🙂

      • Hey its nice to share and try out new stuff , I wouldn’t have given water colours a go ..if I hadn’t seen it at your blog 🙂 ..the feeling is mutual – 🙂

      • 😀 Happy Thursday, Patch!

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