From Trash to Art

Among the creative try outs I like to do and find the extra ordinary in the ordinary , Scarp art is another thing I am keen on  . I had displayed a few miniatures as  a part of an common exhibition a  very long time ( I guess it was posted on my former blog ) , Here is something I had done well last year  for the school’s art fest.

“Everything starts with a vision “

There was a  lot trash ( plastic waste , broken chairs , Broken play park utilities, electric channels and worn down roofing sheets) at school , waiting to be shipped out to the scrap yard , lucky I was able get hold of these in time 🙂  , So on Sunday after noon I make a little visit to the school’s  back yard and with the help of the resident , maintenance staff there , started to collect and pile up all that we could use for the Trash to Art project . Everything starts with a vision , and as these so called waste “treasures” where piling up ,.. the vision started to take shape for me


I know it doesn’t seem much other than  broken chairs and some old plastic dinner plates

The school was gracious enough to let me use a big class room , where I would be living ,  for the next 2 weeks .in putting it all together . At this point I would like to thank the resident staff for putting up with me for all the noise , dust and commotion all through the day and in to late nights .

Its starts taking shape :



Working through the structure was time taking and challenging , I had to make sure the materials used should be light enough to be carried down all the way from the 3rd floor!! ( oh  didn’t I mention that the big class room was on the 3rd floor ?? 😛  )  , also I couldn’t have it too light for the wind to blow it over .The 1st couple of days the structure was done .

Moving on : The fiber roofing materials were carefully stripped into shape and covered

Now on to adding the tail and the fins

  The 6 feet long  fish was finally starting to look alive, with tail and fins , its definitely started  taking shape, Now on to the paint job , by this time , it was almost week and a few days and now we were crunching for time as this was to be highlight of Art Fest coming up in a few days time .


The dorsal fins being wired on …


Voila !


Now to add in the colours 🙂  but 1st a wash of white


Basking in the sun drying up

I actually wanted to leave it white for art aspect of it but hey , its an art fest for kids at school , they sure would love some bright colours on it .

hings started to brighten up once the colours were thrown in …I was glad that I decided to go ahead with colouring it .


Now on to the detailing :

And finally on the eve of the Art Fest the huge blue fish made its way down stream  !!! errr  I am mean down stairs .. !


Art Fest :


Now a days its a fish out of water but still just doing fine  🙂



What was really interesting was that there were so many things used , broken ready to be discarded off some where else , it really drove home the concept of


Here we had used up most the scrap that we could get , I had help from the resident staff , the facilitators , if not directly involved but was very supporting . I thank you all for the support .

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  1. Brilliant ! Congrats .

  2. Very cool man – I am impressed. 🙂

  3. Patch! This is so very awesome and you are so visionary in your process. I love the color combination and it combines two of my favorite things….recycled materials used in art and art in public space!

    I didn’t catch how long the project to, but it is so impressive.

    Nicely done, friend.

  4. Riyaz, that was truly a work of art. Been a while man, lets get back in touch. Wondering what else you are upto.


  5. What an excellent way to teach ordinary to extraordinary and recycle at the same time.

  6. Beautiful reuse art fish!

  7. I really like reading through a post that can make men and women think.

  8. Nice Concept, And wonderful result – Really the idea to color is making the huge fish “live & eye catching”.
    Again thumps up for your style of writing!!!

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