The bigger YES ….

Yes among the many NosThe bigger YES among the many No(s) and the bigger NO among the many Yes(s)

This post is in regards to some recent personal experiences and small talk I had given on  communication and connection  at a private gathering recently , and also I see by July many of my young friends are on their way to tie  the knot , so this is for them too

No relationship is perfect , we all have to work at it , from all sides , but for that each one of us needs to find out what or why we want to make it work . At times we find those really unlikely couples and you go – wow how did those two hook up ? or wow , two poles a part and yet they are together !!

Looking at  my past relationships I have come to believe that its finding out the bigger Yes’s  among the many No’s , that bigger YES is what  makes you want to keep it together in spite of the numerous No’s around .

Finding the right person , as also as important as becoming the right person – trust me on this I recently learned that from past relationship  . It was pretty evident neither of us really did find that Bigger YES , or now thinking about it , I doubt that we ever took an effort to be the right person for each other , than expecting the other person to be right for us .


Putting YOU BEFORE ME , no matter how you say it to each other , it will always be you before me either way . You know you want to be with some one when you push yourself through all boundaries there is you have to go to be with that person , through thick and thin ,  rain or shine , but there are those times when the effort is one sided , you have to have both hands come together if you want to clap .

Sometimes the bigger YES might not so  be in terms of size , but more of principle and quality . Those who fail to understand that , falls off the minute the relationship starts to shake .

Respect, Space, Time, and Communication would be the key ingredients and there are many more I am sure , communication not just words from the mouth , communication has to start from the heart , to the mind then out the mouth !!  🙂  if you don’t have it in  the heart, it ain’t gonna come out proper  from  the mouth 🙂

You have to connect from with in , even then you might not have smooth sail , there will be rough waters but you put the effort together to tackle the waves .. but most importantly you know should know why you want to take the effort in the 1st place !  🙂

Recently  one of my friend’s girlfriend decided to walk out of his life, though  in spite of the numerous Yes’s they might have had , I suppose there might have been a bigger NO , perhaps they  will figure it  out one day . perhaps they never connected  like they thought they did .

Its easy when its all smooth sail and you are nice to each other , but when a storm comes , that is when a relationship is put the test …get past the storm .. you made it . but remember  after each storm you need to go back and tighten up the sails , binding it stronger for the next one . Get by each storm and when you look back you both can say , we made it this far .. we will make it further !  : )  This applies in all of life’s muses , ups and downs

Take care of each other . Peace .




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  1. Great reading. You have many good points here 🙂

  2. Well said on this one, Patch. It is easy to forget sometimes that life is made of both the highs and lows, and it is more of HOW we react to situations than WHAT actually happens. Tough spots will appear in the road indefinitely, so how we choose to react is entirely in our control.

    Relationships are indeed tough, and I appreciate your insight here. 🙂


    • Thanks ! .. yeah .. only if more people ( including myself ( guilty at times in the past 😛 ) knew how to respond then react .. .. good luck with the 100 day project .. you inspired me to take up water colors again ! .. will show in the next post on Life calls art

  3. 🙂 thanks for stopping by my blog

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