Baby Squirrel

My little nephew has got a thing for animals. When  I visit  him, he has  some sort of pets, from turtles to hamsters to kittens and gold fishes :). Reminds me of my childhood days 🙂

The previous weekend, while the hired help was cleaning up the front yard, she happened see something scrumming on the ground among the fallen leaves, it was a baby squirrel! It must have fallen down from a tree or a nest. She picked it up and  placed it in the hamster’s cage (Hamsters moved out long time ago)

Funny thing is, it’s been some time my nephew had been asking for a pet squirrel, but we can’t buy them in pet stores here.  The angels must have heard his little heart’s desire. I wish I was there to record the excitement on my nephew’s face. I am sure he must have jumped high with joy when he came back from school and found his new pet!

The baby squirrel  seemed a bit dazed and lost , must have been the fall -I suppose. It was a couple of years back I think 2012, I too had the delightful experience of caring for these timid and wonderfully shy rodents. It was like history was repeating all over again.

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After a while Dad heard loud squeals from the back yard. It was the mother squirrel come looking for its baby .We knew that  we’d have to let it go, trying to convince a 6-year-old about giving up his most fond pet that just happened to drop in to his lap was not easy. But he is a kid with a good heart, he soon understood.

My dad took it out side and let it climb on to one of the tress at the back yard, but it climbed back in to the cage! And the mother squirrel seemed a bit wary of coming anywhere close to the cage and kept her distance. Dad was not too sure about the eagerly waiting crows lining up for an easy mid-day snack! He took the Squirrel back inside the house,


Later that evening, we heard the same squeal. The mother squirrel was back, we tried again to re unite the baby with its mum. Dad picked it up placed it on the tree again and we all stepped way back so that the mother would not feel threatened, She finally gained enough confidence  to come down from the tree top. Both met and squealed joyfully in their “squirrellish” language ,rubbing  noses together, flipping their furry tail with each squeal!

The mother went back up the tree, little one tried to follow but didn’t get very far, The mother waited and then she just climbed further up and scampered off. We even had our doubts if that was the mother at all. We waited for a while  but the mother never came back. On taking a  closer look ,the little squirrel  wasn’t using the it’s right paw as it would with the left one,  the right one just hung limp. There were no signs of any external wound. I guess the fall must have injured it internally. It was almost dark, we couldn’t leave the little one there for some predator’s dinner. We took it back in to the house and decided to keep it, much to my little nephew’s delight!

One of our concerns was to get the baby to start feeding, from my experience a few years back, we tried feeding it diluted milk using a filler, after some unsuccessful attempts, we were relieved to see it drink from the tip of the filler and holding the tip  with its good paw  🙂

I suppose it’s here to stay or at least till the time we can mend it’s paw , will be taking to the vet soon .



My little Nephew ( center ) and his two friends 

Everything happens for a reason and God has a way of taking care of his creations in the most strangest ways. I wonder what the mother squirrel would have gone through, having to give up its injured baby, trusting  it in our care. I suppose nature has its own way of  trusting , balancing  and moving on –

                                     Let life take its own toll and Life will find a way

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