From limping to jumping

Follow up post on the how the baby squirrel is coming a long

After a fews  week, we are happy to see the little one recovering well; we didn’t have to take it to the vet. Just within a few days of love and care, we could see that the paw was healing and it was moving about effortlessly, no limping now. Next step is to get the little guy to take solid food and also to start feeding on its own.

A week back this was the situation were mum had to hold it down a feed it.




Sqa003It then started to slowly take food from the filler on its own .We didn’t have to hold it in our hands . It then started to slowly take food from the filler on its own .We didn’t have to hold it in our hands anymore . Mum tried to give some solid food , after a few attempts , it  was munching away on Banana mush !! : )





Cleaning up after a good hearty meal


Resting with a full belly Sqa010


Two of them pose for a shot. The little one with a full and content belly and we, a full and content heart 🙂

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  1. Wonderful! I love the pictures. I was always nursing animals back to help as a child, and now, when I see an animal in distress, my heart goes out to it. Animals can sure teach us humans about life, can’t they?

    Wishing you a wonderful day, Patch!

    • Yeah , there is a lot to learn from animals 🙂 . Glad you liked the post , me too as I child I had various kinds of pets and injured animals which we’d taken in, nursed them back to health . Now I see that in my nephew 🙂 . Thanks for visiting my blog and for the wishes . Hope you have a wonderful day too 🙂

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