Black Bird

My youngest nephew and I had some fun time this Sunday on a project . It’s been a while since  I spent some time with him . We decided to get some crazy creative crafts ( CCC !!! :P)  going- making a paper puppet black bird – Usually when such CCC hits  you don’t really have all that you need and you need to improvise. Lucky for us when my nephew and I decided to do this we had some  resources at home of which mainly was re-use . So come Sunday morning :-

Gathering the resources :-


All our stuff what we need lined up black chart – sheets of paper , scissors – colors but something was yet missing …


Oh right ! My – nephew -the main missing part ( now added ) 😛




3 big strips for the head body and wings

We then cut the big piece in to strips for few extra add ons


Starting with head – origami kicks in 🙂


The head starts to form


Cutting and measuring out the beak so my nephew can get to coloring them


color away


Did the eyes next

Measured up his hands for the body and wings

Cut the earlier strips in to pieces for the add ons on the wings and body


Finally with all the colored part stapled and glued in my nephews puppet was ready


This was something that I had picked up as a kid and  must have picked this up at 4th or 5th grade  .While trying to make a paper boat -I hit up on this by accident and  I  must have made many versions of this growing up , many make believe characters came to life  from this one basic version in my younger days 🙂 Now taught to my nephew and many young kids at school and others  🙂




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