Heavy showers

Last week we experienced an onslaught of heavy showers for about 3 days’ continuous water from paddy fields over flown by streams and nearby ponds flooded on to the roads causing traffic blocks.

A week before I had taken some shots of the paddy fields being prepared for cultivation.


Then the rains came, and the whole are area changed


The back yard where the old rustic back gate opened to the paddy field was nearly submerged in water


With rains continuing on, the whole back yard was nearly knee deep in water




The stream nearby over flowing in to the next field


Where the paddy fields once stood now looked like a huge lake




There was water all around – Below are 2 pictures from the local newspaper –


The government called on all school and educational institutes to remain closed for the next day. Though many had to face a lot difficult moments with traffic jams and flooded house and yards, there were light moments also. Many children took to the these newly formed pools and lakes to make merry of the situation. Especially with the schools closed, they could not have had a better time 🙂



They got hold of an abandoned refrigerator, and turned it into a make shift canoe!!

IMG_1380IMG_1379IMG_1378Refrigerator boys Photo courtesy: Mansoor Ali

Some say perhaps the children were better off at school during the rains at least they’d be all indoors, dry!  but I am with the kids, they had a fun time and this would have been one Govt: declared holiday they’d never forget!!

This week the rains have come down considerably and things are now back to as they were.



The paddy fields luckily for the farmers don’t seem to be ruined much, they are marshy and I suppose that’s how they should be, under the bright blue skies preparation for cultivation continues  🙂


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  1. Thank you for these pictures. What country is this?

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