Breaking the inhibition to post

I had been out of FB , Whatsapp and other social media sites for a very long time . Other than the few posts here on wordpress , rest were all inactive . This month I decided update my FB account and get back on social media , it was then I was introduced through a friend  to a Group called Kreativs  , Its creative group where any one can post their drawings , paintings, art works , thoughts , tips suggestions all related to Art . I was initially hesitant to post any thing on it . But my friend persuaded me to do it . It was also just about the same time I had started to go back to traditional drawing mediums , like paper and pencil , paints and water colors , as opposed to my usual medium Digital art .

Its been 7 days and I am thoroughly enjoying it ,  the group members are all very positive and helpful , there is a lot of positive vibe, this also helped me  to break my posting inhibitions and since my 1st post  in the group I have been drawing at least 1-2  drawings per day . I use my travel sketch book , loaded up with hand made sheets to  2 variants of sketch paper .

couple of the works I posted in the group . Some of this will be posted on my blog  soon .

Any way this also set me thinking about my blog in general , wondering what my blog is actually about ? I suppose its inclined to art and creative stuff  , but should it be more defined ?  I guess I will have to  give it a bit more thought on that . I have managed  to separate the art and photography into other blogs . So I guess I structured that part out . But lifecalls in general  ?

One thing I needed to get off was the inhibition or procrastination of making a post every now and then, I have got over that on FB , now posting those art works , Need to get it done here too , perhaps should look in to the word prompt challenge more often and give it go ?

I would like to thank Reshma and Vero for motivating me to take up the pencil  and brush again .




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