LCA -Pondering on Life
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A Learning lesson from life

There is a purpose, a message or a intention of all things that can , will happen  and is happening to you right now . Some things you get instant answers , some it takes its own time , and some you may  never know.

Life is  really not that complicated , but our minds are.In  the way each one of  us think , react and respond.

Not all dreams are meant to come true, some dreams burst and you wake up crying at times,

and  from some dreams  you wake up smiling ,

Life can pull surprises and  you go get lost in thoughts. At other times , you tend to wonder – why ?

When life knocks you down , your little fantasy world breaks a part and reality kicks , But all is not lost

Hope and your faith comes to the rescue

but only if you let them  save you .

Life is random , changes keep happening

and we move on .