A Christmas Morning Cycle Route

Morning Cycling 000

It’s been almost 2 years since I took my cycle out, I have been pushing it aside prioritizing other things over, keeping it stacked away at my tinker shop. A week before Christmas, got it serviced

On 25th of Dec – A Chill Christmas morning – I took it out for a spin, after ages,  and boy, the age was showing up on my legs and  body. I struggled with muscle crams and pain  . But not too long into the stretch started to get used to it.

The sun was just rising and most part of the landscape was still asleep. Along the way had good opportunities to click some shots, which too I had not been doing for a while

Morning Cycling 012

Morning Cycling 011

Morning Cycling 010

As the sun rose higher, the rays brought to light, the carpet of early morning mist that lay across the paddy fields.

Morning Cycling 004

Morning Cycling 013

Morning Cycling 014Taking a break

Soon the orange hue started to fade away revealing the lush green paddy and the light sky blue canopy that amassed over it.

Morning Cycling 007

Morning Cycling 002

Morning Cycling 001

I stopped to capture a shot of this large migratory bird, I can’t figure out what sort of this bird this is. Any tips guys – Bennett may be you can help me?

More lush green paddy

Morning Cycling 006Morning Cycling 005

I hadn’t been on this route for a long time, was happy to see that not much had changed. It was nice to see the views and sights after a long time, lush paddy and sunrise over the hills. Brought back some good memories 🙂


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