Cooking with Mohan


The last few days of my stay at Trivandrum, I had bunked in with a very good friend of mine for a couple of days.

Driving back from the studio one night, he had mentioned how he likes experimenting with cooking. We got down to sharing quick recipes and food experiments we both had done. Though we had already picked up dinner to go, I thought I could show him a few quick recipes that I tried and succeeded.

Besides that Mohan had been a wonderful host and good friend, and I wanted to do something nice for him.

That’s Mohan in his kitchen getting ready with his cooking class 🙂


The ingredients! The whiskas bag is on the left is not apart of the ingredients by the way – that’s for Mohan’s cat! , We plan to do a Pan omelet with cheese and tomato toppings and Noodle salad.C005

The veggies get a good wash 002I had told Mohan you just need to just chop it all up . But those who know Mohan that’s like asking him not to breath! , He had to dice it up precision wise 🙂003

Well, the effort looks good !004

Cucumbers is next 005

Tomatoes sliced and ready 006In to the pan to be tossed , added white roasted peanuts 007My special ingredient goes in and all tossed and turned008use just the cakes leave the seasoning , and once done add a bit of butter and salt to it, or you could just use  salted butter – which ever works for you.

Now give those eggs a good beating boy !


Apply Butter generously in the pan and pour in the eggs 010

layout the sliced tomatoes and add the cilantro and cover with the lid 011Let it just cook on  low flame , occasionally checking .008b012

We also had picked up some grill chicken to go( just in case the things failed :P) , so now with the Noodle salad all mixed and the pan omelette done –  the next thing to do was set the table .



We watched the friends series over dinner .Also showed Mohan how to make a sauce from Ketchup and mayo :). We sure had our bellies full that day.  and also the best part ” I actually got Mohan to say “Sir I am full!!!” for those who know him well … you guys know what I am saying 😛 ( Seeko ? :P)

Mohan thank you so much for the last few wonderful days there, Thank you for all the help you have done inside and outside the studio, I wish you the best in you Animation career. Next time we can get Seeko and the others to join too.


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  1. So you are not supposed to call us, mmmm???

  2. Looks very delicious…😋😋 Next time I want to join

  3. so Baymax and Patchious Patch were cooking up a storm… waiting to see more bros

  4. 😁

  5. 👍 Nicely done

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