Moving to Calicut/Kozhikode

I recently shifted to Calicut, to be a part of a calling I have been having for a while. I have my best friend Anwar Husain  and family’s support to thank for that. For having helped me create a better perspective of that calling.  I wanted to take a break from the rat race. The clock in, clock out, – work pattern. Use my interests, skill and talent in service to others. Very often we think we are here to do the job we have learned to do. I realized I could do more. Also it’s about the choices we make, and with each choice there is always a blessing amd a learning lesson.

I am involved in a project at IPM (Institute of Palliative Medicine) to help create an innovative and creative environment for the patients and the premises here by  recycling or up cycling  scrap materials.

My ride to Calicut 001

Near Thondayad  Junction 002

Entering the Institute of Palliative Medicine 003005

Mr. Sudheer one of the staff here helps with the boom barrier  , as entry is restricted to outsiders  006On route to my dwelling space 🙂

007My stay and den for the next couple of months 008

One of the best things about Calicut, I am beginning to realize is the food here (I better watch my weight!) Calicut people love to eat and they in general not just at IPM but  the general public also have a friendly attitude. .

Discovered a decent burger joint close up that’s open way in to the wee early mornings .


So I guess now you will start seeing a lot of posts on Calicut – and food here 😛

Time to get to making some scrap art 🙂

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  1. Riyaz, you are so talented and hard-working, sky is not the limit for you!
    All the very best to your new venture!

  2. is Anwar’s surname Hus”ian” or actually Hus”sain”

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