Morning at IPM , Qwaali night

The morning at IPM is serene scene, with birds chirping, the cool morning breeze with the sun rays seeping through. I took a stroll around, walked up the way to the open air theater


“Sri”-The open air theater B005B006

I sat there and took out the art materials to finish up a small painting I had started on one of the Ride at Kodai earlier this month. After painting for a while walked back to the room

B010On the way back to the room

Towards the evening Anwarka took me to my 1st time “Live Qwali night” as a part of the Kerala Literature Fest. The Show was amazing the “Tabalist” took the audience to whole another level,  with his last fast paced piece ! – The crowd was very much involved!!


After the program, met a whole bunch of wonderful people – I have to say people are friendly here 🙂 – A nice lively bunch of creative and art lovers 🙂


Ofir the food fest was the next day and was being conducted by Anwarka’s friend so we had a pre-launch visit. After that we headed back to IPM on the way stopping at a hotel called Dosth (Friends) bridge cafe well near the bridge!  😛


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