Long weekend….and the days that followed

IMG_0812Ok… so this has been a long, perhaps too long of weekend visit at home. This time it was different though. I was actually homesick. I usually am not! This time I told my friend, I have this strange calling to head out home, though he suggested I go closer to Ramadan but I just couldn’t wait. I even skipped a photography workshop at IPM. Somehow I figured I’d be staying there for an extra day or two but hadn’t planned on a whole week!! Hmmm…Though I did bring a whole bunch of scrap and tools to continue the project. Nothing got done as I didn’t pack a few essential things that I really need to start. So I ended up doing a whole lot of other things, like cleaning up the entire house, paying some  pending bills and rearranging things around the house and oh yes also did a wall art in my bedroom. I had been so inspired by this one school in the mountains #Haji Public School and how the entire village came about to help build it up. So that school in the village went up on my bedroom wall: P

Being missed by someone is really a blessing, that actually shows people care and you are important to them. I had one such txt msg on whatsapp from my friend at Calicut; it read “Started to miss you” 🙂  Felt good, but at home things were different this time

Friday: I mentioned that I will be leaving Saturday morning and mum goes “Can’t you stay for another day?”  “You can leave on Sunday morning”. My little nephew, my main man in all the fun projects chimes in “Yeah uncle, stay on for another day, and he chirps with naughty grin “Another day means another project !!”



Saturday: So we did the Tadpole project on Saturday  ( see post ) that was all fun!

Saturday evening at the kitchen : Bhabi ( Sister in law ) mentions the introduction of a  Ramadan Special dish called Haleem found in Hyderabad, that was now in being sold not too far from our home.

Me: Really ?? Wow ! I can’t remember last time I had that , Shall we go and buy some ?

But  preparations were already underway at the kitchen  for Ifthar , so the idea was postponed to next day  Sunday ..

Me: “Ah but ” …” I am leaving Sunday morning ! ”

To which, a voice from beyond room (my brother)

Brother :” Tomorrow,??, it’s Sunday and everyone will be at home, stay on for another day, You can leave on Monday morning!! ”

Soon everyone was on the same page and pushing to stay a day more .

img_0739Sunday: Me and Aazim fed the tadpoles (see post here) and afternoon went and got the Haleem, to my surprise the joint was being run by a Dentist!!!? She wants to be an Entrepreneur! Nice! (See post here)  Anyhow it was served after Ifthar and well can’t complain – I liked it!


IMG_0820Monday :The former school I worked with wanted me to come in and see if I can take up Saturday Activities- for AIL and Scrap Art . So Monday went down to school to meet All  time students Fav Hausath Ma’am and Gisha Ma’am. Talked , joked and discussed.  Had to attend one more meeting with Big B and the people concerned so that was scheduled on Tuesday !!

Tuesday : IMG_0830After the meeting  walked past the KG area and wow ! there was a  snake and ladder game board painted on the the ground – I couldn’t just help not think about trying this AIL lesson plan with it ….Oh I had fun reliving the days of AIL with the small math game ( see post



Wednesday : After  postponing each day, after day, I finally geared up and rode out  on wednesday, early morning at 5:30 – This was the 1st time I had left so early and boy it was a beautiful ride 🙂 ..ok more about that later ..time for Ifthar …



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