A quick scrap demo …

May 14th 2018: A quick scrap art demo for NSS students from Rahmaniya VHSS. They are going to be a part of larger project with us – collaborated community art – woo hooo!!

Talks were on for making larger installations and with that we needed more hands to join in that’s when this lively bunch showed up orientation classes here at IPM. Talking to the person in charge Mr. Abdul Majeed, he agreed it will be good idea to include them. So a small demo was set up.

Nasri, an artist herself and an architect student member of Heal with Arch team (our close and initial team for IPM FACELIFT PROJECT) came by. She also picked up the procedure and helped with demo! – Thank you Nasri!

Initially the students were a bit hesitant. Then a few students like Abhay, Amal Roshik, Nikil and Hiba had a go it and soon others followed.


They were amazed at how plastic bottles and trash could be turned in to such art! Now we wait for them get back to us with what they have picked up and to collaborate with us on the large installation

A day back they send me pictures of some the  works – Thank you Akshay Dev, Muhammad Salim , Jifin Hussain and rest of those doing this at home  . Keep it going you guys are doing great! Looking forward to collaborating with you guys.

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