Having fun with some ….CCC

At SMIS yesterday  to meet up with Hausath ma’am but couldn’t help adding in a helping hand and having fun with KG team preparing the class – 🙂 plus do some CCC- Crazy Creative Crafts 

Sajida maa’m had done in the Owl’s and wanted help with leaves . I added in a few types of size and shapes – left it for their choice


If you are thinking about the coconuts…. they were just there !! I used them as paper weights! 😛

Simi ma’am had some last years old plastic balls from the ballroom that she wanted me to check out, to see if something can be done with it – so …. another CCC!!

Cut up the legs head and tail from some used chart paper piece laying around



IMG_1184Smile away ! 😛



Left this guy  on Simi ma’ams table !!! — ENJOY Ma’am !

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  1. Nice work.

  2. Nice work…

  3. CCC👏👏❤

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