Broken basin to Plant pot….Drip..Drip…drip…



Took it back to my Room at TQ ( side work unit / den ) and started to put the pot back together .

Glued it and tapped it back


Gave it a coat of paint



Drip Drip Drip …..

Now to add the drip irrigation system using discarded IV bottles from Unit 6




Found some materials from old discarded plumbing materials to add on for stability


Adding the soil and plant


Testing it out

Now to tidy up the stand , Scrubbed it down with sand paper and gave it  fresh coat of paint .


Finally displayed !!



Added in some buds of the  hanging plant on side …now that it’s set up waiting them to grow .. 🙂


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  1. Smart idea! Who would ever think of using such waste materials wisely apart from you Riyaz👍

  2. Wowwww… it’s really cool idea 👍

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