Plant, Grow, Replant …Grow !…now comes the Installation !!

Plant, Grow, Replant …Grow ! ..Continuing on from my previous post of the hanging plants (click here)  … The plants are rooted now and can be moved to the IPM area


Used nylon thin ropes for hanging them and then to work on the Drip set from IV bottles


Working on the Drip set



The area to be installed – IPM’s Dining Area – Great place for the 1st installation. Sunlight enough ,larger room plus water readily available 🙂

Hung the plants on 1st


Now to attach the drip set .

Added water – all set to regulate the flow



God willing this should start growing soon and hang down covering the plastic bottles. One of the concerns was if this would be a comfy place for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. I have had this done in TQ at my room but never seen any mosquito larva in it . I suppose it has to do with the flow of water.

Now all people have to do is spare a few seconds for a few drops of water to keep them alive and growing – (these are low maintenance plants) 🙂


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