Last 10 days of …..

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The last 10 days of Ramadan, has been an entirely new and spiritual experience for me. A period that, I had not experienced ever in my life in the past years of Ramadan.

At the mosque, late into the night during Qiamul Lail,

I lay in prostration, praying hard and long.

I asked forgiveness and the ability to forgive others.

I prayed for a calm heart and a stronger mind. I prayed for patience, to deal with all grief and sad moments in life that has left scars and wounds.

I prayed for strength to be able to bear the absence of those close to my heart who are not with me anymore,

I thanked Allah for all the moments in life, that has brought

peace, goodness and hope, for the good people


for those who came as lessons in my life as well.

I prayed for family, friends, relatives

and all

to be blessed with His Mercy, Grace and Forgiveness

. Looking forward and moving ahead in all goodness life has to offer

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