“Soupport “

IMG_3351“Soupport”? No! I did not get that spelling wrong. I really meant it. Oh! Well, it is that time of the year where everything is wet, wet, wet. Yes, it is the monsoons. This year the rains have really started to kick in and with it so did my health issues.

This time the ever so irritatingly common: Mr. Cold, also decide to pay a visit and he bought along Mrs. Cough too. I suppose they got involved and little Miss Wheezing was born – This is the Perfect trio!

The thing about being sick is you get a lot of “me” time, but find it hard to get any “me” things done. It took me couple of days to stop dragging myself around leaving a trail of tissue paper wherever I went and talking with my nose up in the air.

However, compared to the last days it is better now. Thanks to the Soup Support and off course Mum’s Lemon and Honey mix helped a lot.

Fortunately, for me I had brought along my laptop so I could engage myself in some sort of productive work other than counting the used tissue rolls or trying to keep a track of how many times I sniffled.

I had taken a lot photographs over the past months, used this time to sort out the hard disk, and clear a lot of Digital waste. I updated my Photo blogs for Color and Monochrome – which I had not been doing for a while now.

Here are the links below – Enjoy!

Colory ( Click here or on the image below )

LC post 02

For Monochrome ( Click here or on the image below )

LC post 01

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