Only when they fall , they rise again

We all have one or two persons in our lives who we look up to , we approach when we need to talk our heart out , when we need help. We hold those individuals far above the clouds in high regards, and yet at times we find the very same individuals , making a mistake , saying something wrong, or even behaving in manner that makes us feel bad . What happened to them ?

To those we look up to, we often paint an image of perfection about them , we assume these people can never hurt us, we assume that such people cannot make mistakes or say anything wrong. It’s all our perception about them. At times we need to remind ourselves to bring these people down from such a high position in our perception and see them as normal persons, know that they can make mistakes but also know that when the time comes they are going to be there for us.

Let us give such persons a chance to be normal – away from the high position we perceive them to be – let them be normal human beings

 Only when they fall they can rise again !!

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