5 Months Learning curve: March

March we were already in to the pretest of the project and things were starting to roll , we had to take a few chances and glad we did! …so here is March

  • Push your self – Kick off the bedspread, Get up, move your butt, get moving, “Not today is NOT an option”

  • At times you feel over pressured, want to take some “ME” time- What do you do to balance that out. — Add the “ME” time in to the checklist!.You want to take that “ME” Time. -you need to finish off the things before that!

  • Take a chance – make things happen. At times taking the most ridiculous chances can work for you. You just need to have the confidence to take that chance.

  • When your heart is set on to doing good – help renders from the most unlikely places. (“Thanks to my friend Fouad for providing the transportation for the project’s pretest “)

  • Stick to the check list as much as possible , That’s your yard stick to measure how much you gotten through.

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