5 Months Learning curve: April


The bliss of a working relationship –

We got each other’s back , it was 60 – 40  or 40 – 60 – it didn’t matter who took on the larger percentage , as long as it equaled to a 100 !Enjoyed the working relationship with my team !

Working with people

No matter how good of a friend you are   , or have an amazing working relationship – you still have to deal with stubbornness, ego, personalized view s vs over all view of the situation. – you need to pull the car over – from arguing to  talking it out – , calm down , see the other side – make up  – smile and then drive on .

Patience –

After a certain age I think you have this ability to sum up all your past experiences and extract what exactly or how exactly you should react to a situation . Being  patient  has been one thing, that  got exercised over and over again.


Don’t get committed to things be it work , relationship or even marriage to fix someone else’s life – you are worth more than you think you are

 Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Don’t risk everything on the success of one venture . We had our hopes put in to just one place for startour venture, that we decided not to look in to other possible places – I suppose this was a big lesson learned.

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