5 Months Learning curve: May


Last month one my learning curves was not to put all my Eggs in one basket  well in May month it is

Don’t count your eggs before they hatch. 

Another option I had bent on, did not go as planned – So I just counted my eggs before they hatched! 

Plans out in the open.

Don’t put out all your plans in the open – mistake of sharing all your plans with others tend to lead to questions when things didn’t go according to plans- many are not that considerate.

Flexible Target.

Sometimes we set our targets too rigid that when we don’t hit our mark , we start to feel hopeless . We might have reset our target and try again another time –

Could be they are just sleeping!

When you don’t get any response from the other end of the line – relax , more than the horrible things your mind can assume that might be wrong with them – chances are they just sleeping!

Express yourself.

Be open and Express your self ,be calm and gentle about it -don’t hurt don’t be harsh – but still express .


Silence can kill you , you need people around you and you need to be around people –

You are not a superhero.

When a person talk out his or her problems not necessarily, they are looking for solutions, or for a solution -all they need is to just vent out. Remember you are not a superhero. 

Help when asked.

Don’t force help on to others , know when you are not welcome , When you force help , chances are the other person might start to feel incapable , let them work it out if they need they’ll ask for you help .

60 40 Vs 40 60.

A relationship or a partnership cannot on run one sided ,it can’t be 60 40 all the time , it  needs to go 40 60 also , and needs to keep oscillating.


This one in particular, I learned from a friend’s personal experience ,  you are influenced  by the company  you keep – The kind of age group you hang out with, unseemingly does mould your thoughts .


Fame can eventually  get your head no matter how strong hearted, saintly or humble  , you think you are .

Look back.

Take time to look back and see where things are head. Weigh your options , see what needs your time now and what needs to be kept aside .

Row your own boat.

As much as you want some one to be there for you – there comes a time when you will have to row your own boat – no fault of your own or theirs.

Things move , people move.

When their purpose is done – People move out of people’s lives – it’s just another way of how the world revolves. 

Heart Aches.

Accept certain emotions are never gonna leave you – heart aches don’t go away – you need to get used to it , you come to terms with it , or you finally make peace with it -the choice is ours.

Choose your memory.

Memories can haunt, can make us cry and be sad ,can bring smiles and be happy- depends on us , which ones we want to keep and which ones we need forget or let be.  

Your dream and theirs.

Don’t give false hope and don’t make others hold on to your dreams, they need to have theirs and you need to have yours .

Let go with grace.

This is probably one of the hardest of all the lessons – Don’t hold onto things or people that want to let go. You have to know when to let go, and you have to let go with grace . (this is easier said than done )  

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