Damsel…..(fly)… in love

I have been working on some freelance animation work and I have to say it’s been quite a hectic schedule. I just had to keep the pen and mouse a side and take a break. So last weekend on a last minute decision, I took out my camera and went over to my Uncle’s backyard to shoot some Damselflies in love !!

The ancestral Pond at my Uncle’s backyard

My gear, missing my tripod though ( I have get a new one )

Damselflies are not that difficult to capture, when they are perched on a surface of the water, but you still have to make sure the water is settled and no sudden movements are made.

I took a large styrofoam base to rest the cam on.

I had to wait a bit till the water settled, before I could take my position.

Another pair, on the water surface – with the females laying eggs

The Male keeping the other Damselflies off while his mate lays her eggs

These amazing creatures come in different colors and patterns, I turned around and saw this pair, with the female nearly submerged in the water.

Taking a look from top I was surprised to see the female submerged in water.If any one could share their insight here would be great, because I couldn’t figure out what had happened.

As I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t totally prepared for the shoot, so I hadn’t really charged up my camera batteries and they ran out on me. I put the batteries on charge, hoping to come back in the evening, Unfortunately towards the evening the rain laden skies was pouring down on us. So had to wrap up the shoot for now.

Well with a well deserved break, ended up with some amazing shots and with a nice hot glass of my Aunt’s black tea, I called it a day!

I have posted the rest of the photographs on my photography page, if you guys would like to go there and have a look ( Click here )

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