Morning pedal….

So I am trying to get back to the morning pedaling routine. which I had been so religiously following a few weeks back. Cycling has been one activity that I found myself going back to time and time again, even though I seem to break the routine ( one too many times – ‘GUILTY ‘ – I know! )

Today’s morning ride was more of a photoshoot ride rather than covering the kilometers. I had forgotten the last time I actually took my camera along for the rides, well let alone any rides!!

There was something about the morning that made me grab the Nik P78K, just as I was about start off, and I am kind of glad I did. Today it wasn’t much about the artistic touch to the shots but more on restarting after a long time.

Even thought later in the day the sun went up in to the clouds for a while and popped up behind the mountains, strangely gave a hopeful feeling.

I sure miss the travelling and rides pre Covid era. I see many of my travel bug bitten friends slowly getting out there. We are still not completely out of the pandemic, but I suppose if you are careful then, guess its alright. Actually it comes down to individuals really, each one has their perspective and take on handling the pandemic situation.

For me as of now its a solo ride, but hopefully in the near future would like to team up and collaborate with few peddlers out there for some short rides to begin with. In Sha Allah ( God willing )

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