The new chapter….

January 14th , I was returning from arranging an event inauguration of a laundry unit , that was scheduled to launch the next day in my home town .A new line of work I had recently started in collaboration with my partner . It was around 10:30 pm . I was supposed to meet her , and her brother, they were on their way from Calicut with bouquet of fresh flowers for the ceremony . We were to have dinner together and return with to site , for a final check .

Little did I know , life had something else in store for me . At the main junction of the town , I waited on my Bullet 350 electra, for the traffic to clear. There was one red bus, our very own Anavandi – KSRTC, coming up from my left side of the junction. There wasn’t any vehicle behind it. As it passed by in front of me , I put my bike in to 1st gear and headed straight. Suddenly as the back end of the Red bus passed, I saw a huge trailer truck. Apparently the truck driver was overtaking the Bus from the left wrong side . I braked hard as I could , but saw that the truck swinging towards my direction and in fraction of second there was a huge sound a flash it seemed and collision.

I opened my eyes to a dark night sky, I tried to get up but could feel my right leg like jello , all mangled and wasted. Then suddenly a huge lighting pain ran across my leg , feeling it all the way through my spine to my head . I had been run over .

Laying in the middle of the junction time froze . I remembered that I had still not prayed my isha prayers ( night prayers ) , looking at my mangled leg, kept on telling my self no no no Allah no !! In a flash of things I remembered the Friday kuthuba sermon that I attended with my friend Fouad that noon , words that the imam said – “ when you face a difficulty , one word you should call out is Allah !! As the pain shot up to it’s extreme peek , I raised my hand to the sky and called out AALLAH !!! My leg ALLAHH my leg .

Time unfroze, I heard the scamper of feet running towards me and voices , I was being lifted by many hands and carried , among all the commotion and me calling out Allah and repeatedly reciting the shahada kalima, I heard a voice ask me if I was Riyaz. I nodded yes . And with that I was pulled into a rickshaw, heading towards the nearest hospital – Moulana.

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