E.R…….Moulana Hospital 🏥

With every difficulty comes ease

The voice that asked me if I was Riyaz happened to be Shajahaan, my neighbour’s eldest son. He was returning home and had decided to take that route that very day. There is verse in the Holy Quran about, Allah placing ease along with difficulties . That was Shajahan! Had he not have recognised me, my family wouldn’t have known any sooner. Thanks to him and the others including the Auto guy of getting me to the emergency on time.

At the Emergency

I remember the guy, in the auto telling me it’s going to be alright, At the casualty, they got me on to the stretchers. I must have blacked out coz , the next thing I remember is lots of ER personnels and nurses, coming and going, some one asking me questions, that I can’t remember. Some nurse feeling my pulses , I could feel needles or at least I guess thats what I felt. Strangely my mouth was very dry and wanted water badly, little did I know I had to go into surgery soon, and can’t take and food or drinks. Someone kept dapping my lips with something wet .

I kept tossing and turning in pain, hands were trying to hold me down, I remember telling someone that I am allergic to penicillin and ibuprofen, and then slowly couldn’t feel my legs anymore. Next thing I saw was a pair of scissors making it’s way up from my jean cutting through my shirt. Two of my favourite pairs !! . But have no complaints, how else were they going to get a better look at my wound.

You’re in good hands….

In between all the commotion, I heard a voice say, repeatedly “ Riyaz ! Don’t worry your in good hands” ….. I tell y’a that was one the best things to hear at that time. It gave me some sort of confidence and assurance. It came from one of the on call doctors Dr. Askar. A face that got imprinted in my mind as I was reeled in to surgery. He asked me if I was hurting anywhere else, I remember him feeling my neck back looking for other injuries if any, Alhamdhulillah hadn’t sustained any injuries on my spine , neck and head.

Making Amends …

I kept asking for my partner. It was huge relief to see her face, I held her hand tight. We had a bit of disagreement over a few trivial things on work, a few hours back before the accident. And the 1st thing I said to her was “ I am sorry”

Trust me guys, you really don’t know when you are going to loose out on an opportunity to make amends before your time is up. Coz you don’t know when Allah is going to call you back or the other person. I still grieve at missing out on an chance to set things straight with my uncle ( papa) before he was called back. The forgiveness you ask for will give you more peace than your ego being hurt . Trust me on this, I almost missed a chance that day.

O.T and the Masked spectacled man

Reeling me to OT, I held my partner’s hand tight. We were together till the sterile area. I suppose there was a bit of commotion with the nurse at the sterile unit, as I didn’t want to let my partners hand go, and the nurse was a bit assertive on enforcing rules in the sterile area. Anyway, I feel that they could have showed better compassion, although they were doing their duty.

As I entered the OT, and all those ER series and movies flashed in my mind, result of too many movies and off course my profession as an animator. The OT spot lights glared down on me. Then a vague silhouette of masked doctor with thick rimmed spectacles appeared in front of me, he mumbled something and before I knew it I was sucked in to a black void. My surgery was underway. I learnt later The masked spectacled man was the anesthetist !

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  1. Get well soon dear friend.

  2. Get well Soon dear friend. Believe in God, that super power!!

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